Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is a black on white shapes image. I cut on shapes from black paper and simply pasted them on a white one. In this particular image my goal was to get the attention to the top of the paper where I cut out a trapezoid and then cut smaller ones out of the original big one. I did that because I think it is cool to have the same shape just smaller. Looks like a line, where the biggest are on the outsides and the smallest on the insides.   I am very proud of this masterpiece.


Justin Kaull and I were in the dark room on Tuesday, the 26. We used different items we brought in and arranged them in a random order to make this extrodinary rayogram. When the shot was taken we were in the mode, we were confident and had no thoughts of going back.  After the picture process was done (7 seconds) we went through the process of actaully getting the picture to show up on the paper. Finally, we went in the light and saw the beautifull art work we had created.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Contour lines

1. 3 photos of line drawings
2. discussion of line drawings
3. photos of wire sculpture
4. discussion of wire sculpture

In art class we have been studying lines, part of doing so we have to draw objects. Here are a few of my perfectly executed pieces of art.

    Our class subject was parkour, the image above is wire sculpture of a guy executing a back flip. While making this sculpture I thought i did two things exceptionally well. One of those is my skill of expressing my feelings and putting them forward into my art. My most enthusiastic one, is my ability to understand the art world. I have an imagination that I am Pablo Picasso. Being such a great artist I try to be the amazing artist he is. He is my inspiration and I always try to stay in character.