Monday, December 12, 2011

1. The most interesting part of this project was learning to do rubbings. The lady that came in two fridays ago that introduced rubbings to us was really cool and really inspired me to explore the world of texture. AT first my depiction of rubbing was more like rigid shapes which sometimes doesnt have any texture at all. Now, after doing rubbings, texture is objects that actually has texture, not just shapes. I better understand the concept now.
2. My best image was probably the one of the wood chips or rocks because there isnt a consistent pattern, it is completely random. Nothing is the same size or shape which makes the pictuer very intersting. They easily convey texture the best.
3. I think the most successful one was the one on the top right of this post. There are four different textures in different quaDRANTS on the paper and in the middle there are four circles. Each circle has the same texture of one of the quadrants. I think it is my best and is cool to observe.
4. My favorite collage is probably the one on the top left of this post. One, it is digital and has color which I think conveys texture easier. Two, there are many different picture which convey different textures. Lastly, in the rubbings there is only rough textures, in the digital pictures you can convey smooth textures as well.
5. I think I will definitely use plaster in my project. The technique Mr. O showed us using the rocks was very cool and I will use very similiar objects to convey a negative texture. I like the project we are about to encounter because it involves cutting wood and not very precise things.