Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Darkroom Work

I developed craft by really listening to Ms. Seal's advice and applying to my work. She advised me to put in a 4 filter, use 13 seconds and have the aperture at 11. By using that advice I was able to make a nice clear print. I used all the materials in the darkroom and made sure to use all the methods to make my print as good as possible. Some problems I came upon included my picture being blurry and out of focus but after talking to Ms. Seal I was able to fix the problem by adding 2 seconds and putting in a filter. Ms. Seal really helped get my picture to be focused not blurry.


I developed this by first making a sculpture of random objects then we made value by putting light on it. After that I went forward and did the drawing. Clearly, I used pencils, an eraser, paper, eraser stencil and my objects. I used the idea of value, which helped show the light and shade. It was very hard for me to show contrast and value for some reason. However, after some help I finally got it down and applied it to my artwork. By biggest problem was not being able to show 3D, which is most noticeable in the golf ball. I solved that problem by looking at the rotation of the ball and not use straight lines.