Monday, March 5, 2012

Dark room and drawing room

In these pieces of work, I tried to take my time and put forward my best effort. Iv'e taken my habits in the dark room and mingled with all the resources to make a clear photo. However, the picture in the top right corner turned out well even though I actually messed it up. I think I had my appeture off and didn't leave it under the light long enough. FOrtunatly, for me it turned out cool in a different way. In the drawing room, I tried to be pacient and put all my effort into every mark. It was hard for me to do that while drawing the grass, but I tried to overcome my disability and come through in the clutch, which I thought I did a pretty good job of doing. Other than that, I found the rest of the drawing pretty easy.

   In the drawing room I felt more comfortable because it was more natural, It wasn't like the darm room where I had to perfect and mingle with all these technological aspects. Also in the drawing room I was able to express myself mroe because I was in total charge of what was going on. I owned the pencil. However, I didn't own the dark room for most thigns confused me. In the future I hope to get more comfortable in the dark room and put forward clear, crisp photographs. In the drawing room I would like to be able to focus for a longer period of time and put all my effort into every scratch. After about 30 minutes it was hard for be to focus and provide my best work. Overall, I thought this was a very fun project, being able to compare and contrast art work from the dark room and the drawing room.