Monday, April 23, 2012

Changes to Sculpture

I painted the bottom half blue so at first sight it looks like water and then hopefully people see the legs coming out. I felt if I didn't do this, then it would be boring and the water would be harder to identify. I think my half blue sculpture will put it aside from all the other boring white sculptures. I really think I made the right decision to make mine unique.

Friday, April 20, 2012


This is my final version without color. I have made two legs coming out of water, to show the water I made ripples. My plan for the color is to make the water blue and the legs a skin colored color, like brown. I have finally put the finishing touches on, smoothing the surfaces and getting the right shape and form. Once i had somewhat the correct form i threw the chisel aside andf worked with smaller tools to avoid big mistakes. TO smooth the surface, i used rough surfaces like sand paper to make even surfaces.
            My gesture is a very big person, that isnt to coordianted trying to do a hand stand in the pool. To show his clumsiness i made the legs not straight and somewhat on their way down. Henry Moore's work was inspirational to me because is art work is big people with figures that dont have realistic or normal form. In my sculpture I tried to keep that in mind. If I didn't see Henry Moore's amazing sculpture I wouldn't kjnow what would inspire me. looking forward I am going to put on my perfectly placed color and put my sculpture in the Branson hall of fame.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Interim Post

In my sculpture, the final product with look like the bottom half of a person is standing on their hips, throwing their legs in the air. One leg is going straight up in the air as the other is slanted ever so slightly away from the body. My intentions for the rest is the product is too mainly not brake a limp off because I have seen many people do it and it would be hard to recover for. Besides that, I also want to make Sure it is Easy to. Distinguish the two legs from each other which I am in the process of doing now. As you can see the legs aren't completely separated. I am focusing on texture and making sure everything is smooth and even. Once I accomplish my intentions I will touch it up by smoothing everything down.