Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My collection of textures are somewhat varied. I have a two more smooth ones. one rough one and one that is smooth on top and rough on the side. I organized my texture in four  simple quadrants. I think with that method it would be easier to concentrate on texture.
I had to modify one of my quadrants when i painted it as the French flag. It wasn't what I had in mind but that is what it looked like. I had to change it and recode it black. I think I showed textures but in a simpler version. All textures were the same size. However, obviously there were different textures. SOme on the rougher side as some weren't.
I think I am pretty good with technology allowing me to experiment and make my final project better. In this particular project, much technology isn't needed. After doing all of these art projects, I have learned to be efficient. We are given a due date and if you haven't finished it, you will have to on your own time. At the beggining of the year, I did that quite often. However, after some experience; my techniques and habits have adjusted. I have learned to be more patient in drawing, meaning not to rush. I have leanred to take a good picture and edit it in Photoshop and I have gained creativity in the skill of sculpting. Like in this project, I went outside the crazy project idea like others and made mine simple.
I thought I was pretty involved, I gave my peers good advice and listened to what they said about my work. I has really bad at wraping my head around concepts thinking all of them were the same, but now I am better. I know that to do the project well I need to listen as the project and concept is being explained.
Overall, this was a project I enjoyed because it allowed us to be creative and different.